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Hello,You might have ended up here because I built a website through the GYBO (Get Your Business Online) Louisiana's Business initiative via Google's offering of free websites for businesses. In 2013 they had their first workshop that was offered at the Shaw Center in Baton Rouge. It was showcased on the local news and goverment officials are also promoting it. Me? I am - Susan Shea, Baton Rouge social networker and I also do social networking for New Orleans interests as well. I help my friends with tips on how to use social networking in Baton Rouge and New Orleans to help promote their established brick and mortar business and some established at home businesses.I have a paralegal /social worker background. Currently, as of 2013, I help with my husband's office. When needed, I run errands and do office substitutions: near LSU. I also help with managing his online accounts to help advertise his office. I have helped promote events within a 3 month window from the start of the promoting to the actual event. I have high standards of verbal and written conduct when it comes to what I write and show. I dislike using bad words or showing immodest photos or pictures. If anything appears online, like that, with my similar name, it was not generated or created or reposted by me. Rest assured.Susan Shea social networking, Baton Rouge / New Orleans Shea Family of New Orleans and Baton Rouge

I grew up as Susan Ray from Northern Virginia and now reside as Susan Shea of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

my domain is forwarded to my husband's website.  It's our life ....or, what help us, help others.

In addition, I have a computer language background that was gained prior to the popularity of the internet.  However, this knowlege has helped me figure out ways to use internet advertising in an affordable way.

Susan Shea, Baton Rouge Social Media Networker and Advertiser /  New Orleans Social Media Networker and Advertiser

Shea Family of New Orleans and Baton Rouge



Susan Shea's Background

Susan Shea's Experience

office worker at Baton Rouge office

August 2005 - Present | Baton Rouge near LSU

Helping with day-to-day errands and office substitutions.

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In 1999 I owned an at home scrapbooking business that grew by joining friends who owned hobby businesses and hosting large hotel and cruise events out of the Port of New Orleans. We grew, additionally by having websites that were seen in the search engines. My husband has his own business and he asked me to build and promote his website; which I have been doing for 13 years. Now, I help and guide people who are unfamiliar with social networking. Social networks are now the driving force behind organic Search Engine Optimization. It can be used to help an existing business or local interest program promote their local business, and local interest website. The easiest way to begin is by just following me on twitter.!/susanrayshea

Susan Shea's Education

BA and (Paralegal Certificate)

1986 – 1991

Susan Shea's Interests & Activities

Scrapbooking, Disney, Family Friendly activities and I like computer languages and programs and learn them as a hobby. This helps me create unique images that help describe my current project or idea.